Tailored To Each Client's Needs

Tailored To Each Client's Needs

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Bookkeeper meets client

First - A Free Consultation


Assurance Bookkeeping & Payroll, LLC offers an initial free assessment of your business' needs and goals in order to customize a bookkeeping plan to suit you and the business plan

  • Setup Chart of Accounts and cleanup

  • Bank Reconciliation

  • Trouble-shooting/ Problem-solving

  • Data Migration

  • Financial Reporting & Analysis

  • Budgets

  • 3rd Party App Integration



Second -
Declutter & Streamline

Familiarization with your current system is vital.  Assurance Bookkeeping & Payroll, LLC follows your protocol or we can create one -

  • Receipt management

  • File organization

  • Past account clean up

  • New account set up

Bookkeeping receipt clutter


Office Desk_edited.jpg


Third -
Software Integration & Syncing Accounts

As a business owner you decide which system you would prefer or Assurance Bookkeeping & Payroll, LLC will supply the most appropriate software. 

Fourth - 
We get to work:

  • Set-up Chart of Accounts

  • Timely management of receivables and payables

  • Our bookkeeping staff categorizes and posts bank transactions each month to our accounting software in order to reconcile statements and produce financial reports that will assist in financial decision making.