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Sara Guillemette

Owner Washington Home Care, LLC

Caregiver Registry

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Review left by client Sara Guillemette - Washington Home Care, LLC

 Rating:  on September 26, 2022

Jayne, founder of Assurance Bookkeeping & Payroll Service, LLC is TRUSTWORTHY. Above all, she's courteous, calm, collected and exceptionally thorough. I've hired her for Washington Home Care LLC - a non medical caregiver registry. I now ask "Is this an actionable? Anything you need from me?" because Jayne keeps me so informed. You are certain to appreciate Jayne's life experience, detail, and perseverance as much as I do.


Ron G Johnson

Former Owner AbbaCorp


Review left by Ron G Johnson

 22 hours ago

Had the pleasure of working with Jayne for about 10 years. Her Financial Good Sense coupled with a gift of organization and common sense, has saved me a lot of time and money. Easy to reach with any questions or concerns. Performance always exceeds promises.

Assurance Bookkeeping & Payroll Service, LLC